This is how Contesta increased their conversion rate by 30%

The use of Artificial Intelligence in telemarketing


BPO and Contact Center services


Contact center y BPO

Analysis time

12 weeks

Results at a glance


Increase in sales commission income


Listings with a 3 times greater than average propensity to sell


Reduction in call costs

Call center

The customer's need

Contesta Teleservicios es una empresa que ofrece soluciones de contact center y equipos comerciales para telemarketing. Debido a la gran cantidad de llamadas que tiene que gestionar, contactó con ByRatings para ordenar los registros de una campaña outbound en base a las probabilidades de venta
para una entidad financiera.

  • A system of qualifying and ordering listings.
  • Improve the useful contact of the campaign.

Our objective



To divide the records according to the sales potential and income of each client.



To organise Call Centre calls based on algorithm segmentation



To increase the commission for ingresos total campaign revenue.



Increase cross-selling and up-selling to the entity’s current customers.


The data of our success

Analysis of variables

The algorithm was developed using the historic data from previous campaigns. For the study, the variables of the company's user profile, product and sales were analysed.

Algorithm Performance

The algorithm determined 5 Ratings or segments based on the probabilities of success. The analysis detected groups with a 3 times greater than average propensity to sell.

Results of the project

After 3 months, sales commission income increased by 31% and there was a 29% reduction in the Cost of Calls thanks to the prioritisation.

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“The ByRatings team was a trailblazer in applying artificial intelligence and in modelling a business like the contact centre to apply predictive algorithms. We have been together since their creation and, every day, they continue to surprise us with something new ”
Jose Luis Moral
Managing Director