You do Marketing.
We do Predictions.

We predict the behaviour of your customers so that you can optimise your strategies and achieve better results.
Transform Marketing into Predictive Marketing!
ByRatings - Predicting better results

Predictive Marketing for success

Predict the behaviour of your customers to optimise your Acquisition, Engagement, Conversion and Retention strategies.

ByRATINGS incorporates Predictive Marketing throughout the sales funnel to optimize both the KPIs of Marketing teams and the ROI of sales teams. ByRATINGS products are designed to solve specific problems in your industry.

At ByRATINGS we develop custom Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to help you get the best out of your data. By predicting your customers’ behaviour, you can optimise your strategies and achieve better results.

Predictive funnel

Convert your sales funnel into a predictive funnel by applying innovative and high-performance AI solutions.

Seamless integration

We offer you scalable solutions that are easy to integrate through our connectors.

Improve Results

Predictive Marketing allows you to understand your customers and know what they really need.

Since 2014

applying predictive marketing

Over 1000

algorithms developed

Over 250

projects in different sectors

Over 2,5M

predictions per month

Over 20+

integration connectors

Unlock the power of your data

A powerful and easy-to-use predictive dashboard

The ByRATINGS Dashboard allows you to integrate predictability into the analysis of all your marketing and sales KPIs.


Real-Time Prediction

Visualise and analyse your customers’ behaviour in real time.

Multiple Views

Analyse your customers’ behaviour by profile, source, product and much more.

Financial KPIs

Predict the profitability of your campaigns and create a more accurate sales forecast.

Easy to Use

Integrate and customise in just one click.

Results based on custom solutions

Companies that have trusted ByRATINGS share their experiences and results.


“ByRatings is a must-have if you generate a large volume of leads. It increases efficiency, helps to prioritise what is important and it does it better every day. Its success rate is unbelievable”

Luis Encabo, Global head of sales B2C

One of the keys to the exponential growth of ThePowerMBA

ThePowerMBA requires a lead prioritisation tool to be able to manage the large amount of users interested in the course.

To sustain its level of growth, ThePowerMBA needed an efficient and scalable lead qualification model.

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Find out how our predictive marketing solutions can optimise your results.