Our Mission

Helping companies grow better with Predictive Marketing


Our Story

Lead Ratings established in 2014 from an experience in USA of its founder, Ricard Bonastre. He detected the potential of using algorithms to obtain lead scoring.

From the beginning Lead Ratings stands out for two reasons: Growth and Innovation.

And now we are ByRATINGS, experts in Machine Learning and Deep Learning applied to Predictive Marketing.


In 2015 Lead Ratings won the BStartup contest of Banc Sabadell to accelerate the growth and scalability of the company.

From then are already over 250 projects, 1000 algorithms developed and millions of data analysed.


In 2016 we signed a collaboration agreement with the CESIC Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CESIC) which certifies our technology and the methodology used to develop the algorithms.

We were also awarded from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitivity with the INNOVATIVE SME seal and the Emprendetur, that certifies our innovative culture. Recently we received support from the European CDTI Neotec fund.

Our Culture

Built for Business, Created for People


Innovation is part of our DNA, bringing value to our clients through innovative and customised Predictive Marketing solutions.


We are not generalists, we are specialists. That’s why we develop specific Predictive Marketing solutions to solve specific problems in specific sectors.

Scientific Methodology

We are an Artificial Intelligence company that bases all our work on a rigorous application of science for our clients.


Being specialists also means making things easy for our clients, which is why we strive to simplify the understanding and adoption of each of our solutions as much as possible.

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